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Professor, researcher, and author John Sommers-Flanagan, Ph.D., teams up with parenting, child, and intimate relationship expert Sara Polanchek, Ed.D., to bring you the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast. Children do not come with instruction manuals, and this bi-weekly podcast tackles some of the biggest issues parents face, with humor and wit. Brought to you by The Charles Engelhard Foundation, and the National Parenting Education Network, this podcast pairs cutting edge research  and proven technique, to help make you a practically perfect parent.


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Dec 26, 2016

High quality sleep drives nearly everything; it improves your memory, enhances emotional stability, and contributes to good health. This means that nap-time and sleeping through the night is equally good for children and parents. In episode 5, Sleep Well in 2017 and Beyond, Dr. Sara Polanchek shares her personal story of being an exhausted parent and how she turned to sleep to turn her life around. Our special guest, Chelsea Bodnar, M.D., a Chicago-based pediatrician and co-author of Don’t Divorce Us: Kids’ Advice to Divorcing Parents, will tell you how she gets her children to sleep and why sleep depriving your children is just as bad as feeding them doughnuts all day long. This podcast is brought to you by the National Parenting Education Network, and the Charles Engelhard Foundation.

Dec 12, 2016

All children misbehave—at least sometimes. You know that. You also know your particular child or children will misbehave; it might even happen every day. And you know how to use positive discipline—partly because it was covered in the two previous episodes of the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast. Why then, when your child misbehaves, is it so easy to get mad and so difficult to be a thoughtful and positive disciplinarian? In this episode, Dr. Sara Polanchek and Dr. John Sommers-Flanagan discuss why children misbehave and how to solve obstacles to healthy discipline by . . . getting curious, not furious. To make things better still, our special expert guest, Meg Akabas, author of “52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom,” shares her thoughts on parenting knowledge, when and how parents should give their children choices, and when parents should just tell their kids what to do. This podcast is brought to you by the National Parenting Education Network, and The Charles Engelhard Foundation.