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Professor, researcher, and author John Sommers-Flanagan, Ph.D., teams up with parenting, child, and intimate relationship expert Sara Polanchek, Ed.D., to bring you the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast.

Children do not come with instruction manuals, so this podcast pairs cutting edge research  and proven technique, because nobody is perfect, but together we can be practically perfect parents. 

The Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast (PPPP) is brought to you in part by the Charles Engelhard Foundation and the National Parenting Education Network . . . but you should also be aware that the views expressed on this and every episode of the PPPP do not necessarily reflect the views of our sponsors, our listeners, or anyone other than Sara Polanchek and John Sommers-Flanagan. . . and, of  course, sometimes we’re not even certain that we agree with what we just said.

The PPPP provides general educational information designed to promote positive parenting practices, but this podcast should not be considered a source of professional advice. If you have questions about specific parenting or caretaking scenarios, we recommend that you seek professional services with someone who can help you address the unique situations that you’re facing in your life

Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast : Survey and Book Giveaway

Apr 15, 2017

It’s time for another Practically Perfect Giveaway!

But first, we’re evaluating the effects of listening to the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast* and we need your help!

Please click on the link below. You’ll be taken to an anonymous online Qualtrics survey. There are 57 items and it should take you 15 minutes or less to complete. If you’ve already listened to some or all of the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcasts, that’s okay, you can still participate. Just click on the link below to get started:

Practically Perfect Parenting Podcast Survey -- Pretest

After filling out the survey, sometime during the next week you should listen to episode 2 (Practically Perfect Positive Discipline, Part I) or episode 5 (Sleep Well in 2017) [or both] of the Practically Perfect Parenting Podcasts. To find the podcasts, go to iTunes or Libsyn to listen and subscribe. 

After listening to one or two podcasts, please click on the link below and complete the post-podcast questionnaire.

Parenting Podcast Post-Test

If you want to be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the book, “Kids Are Worth It! : Giving Your Child The Gift of Inner Discipline” By Barbara Coloroso either “like” or comment on the podcasts using Facebook or Libsyn between now and April 30. We will announce the winner of the book on May 1, 2017.

Thank you very much for helping us with this research project. We will post a link to a summary of the results when we’re finished.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

*The University of Montana IRB has approved this research project.